Creep Obtains Woman’s Phone Number from Her Dog’s Collar, Asks Her Out

Creep Obtains Woman’s Phone Number from Her Dog’s Collar, Asks Her Out

Actions like this definitely have stalker vibes. I don’t know why these guys don’t just ask the woman out on a date directly when they meet her taking her dog on a walk, that would be more normal, less creepy.

(Link): Creep Obtains Woman’s Phone Number from Her Dog’s Collar, Asks Her Out

by Andrew Court
Oct 28, 2021

….A TikTok star has been left shaken after a predator procured her phone number from her dog’s collar.

Michelle Kimball was out walking her German shepherd, Nilla, near her home in North Carolina when she says she was stopped by a friendly-looking man.

The cheery male pet Kimball’s canine before asking to take a photo of the adorable animal. Kimball thought nothing of the seemingly innocent encounter and continued along her way.

But just hours later, the blonde bartender received a text message from a stranger trying to chat her up.

“I said, ‘I don’t know anybody by that name? How did you get my phone number?’” Kimball recalled in an interview with Inside Edition. “He said, ‘Oh, I got it off your dog’s collar.’”

Kimball — who boasts 2.1 million TikTok followers — was rattled by the canine creeper and is now warning other pet owners to be vigilant.

According to safety expert Barb Jordan, pervs paw their way into obtaining private details from dog owners all the time, and Kimball’s experience is not all that uncommon.

“We never think that people are going to be using our dogs to get close to us. But predators, they have no limits. They have no boundaries,” she told Inside Edition.

A similar incident occurred to Shay Grayson while she was out walking her Maltese pooch.

Grayson — who did not share her location or her dog’s name with Inside Edition — told the news program a man recently stopped her to ask for a picture of her pup.

Indeed, creeps could be pretending to be interested in dogs simply to pick up vulnerable women.

Surveys have shown women (Link): are more likely to swipe on a man’s dating app profile if he is pictured with a dog.

Meanwhile, some sleazy singles have even borrowed pups from pals to take for walks to make it look like they’re actually dog owners — a (Link): practice The Post has previously dubbed “dogfishing.”


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