South Carolina Church Investigating Student Pastor Who Gave Teens ‘I ❤ Hot Youth Pastors’ Sticker

South Carolina Church Investigating Student Pastor Who Gave Teens ‘I ❤ Hot Youth Pastors’ Sticker 

(Link): South Carolina church investigating student pastor who gave teens ‘i ❤ hot youth pastors’ sticker


by Leonardo Blair
October 11, 2022

A South Carolina church has launched an investigation and placed its student pastor on administrative leave after outrage erupted online over stickers he gave to minors in his care that say, “i ❤️ hot youth pastors.”

Fairview Baptist Church said in a statement from deacons and their personnel team on Facebook Sunday that Cory Wall, their suspended student pastor, has acknowledged he made a “poor decision” and they are treating that decision “very seriously.”

“Our student pastor, Cory Wall, acknowledges that he made a poor decision and a mistake by making a sticker available that was offensive to some,” the statement said.

…Emily Petrini, who describes herself as a doubt-filled believer, first made the sticker public in a post on Twitter last Thursday. She said the sticker was sent to her by a friend in South Carolina who got it from a local mom group.

In the post, the mom who shared the sticker said: “The youth pastor gave my younger sister (14 years old) and other students, this sticker during Midweek last night. He is 35 years old… This made her very uncomfortable.”

…In a copy of an email Wall sent to the woman who raised the alarm about the stickers in the mom group, Wall said he was just poking fun at the “I Love Hot Mom” culture.

(Link): SC Church Places Youth Pastor On Leave After ‘I ♥ Hot Youth Pastors’ Sticker Incident 

A Southern Baptist church in South Carolina has placed its youth pastor on administrative leave and is investigating an incident last week where the pastor handed out stickers to teens saying, “I ♥ Hot Youth Pastors.”

The action comes after reports of the incident were posted online and prompted major backlash.


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