Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up in Protest Over Indonesia’s New Criminal Code That Bans Sex Outside of Marriage

Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up in Protest Over Indonesia’s New Criminal Code That Bans Sex Outside of Marriage

This guy takes fornication seriously.

(Link): Suicide bomber blows himself up in protest over Indonesia’s new criminal code that bans sex outside of marriage and insulting the president

Dec 7, 2022
by Rachel Bunyan

A suicide bomber angered by Indonesia’s new criminal code that bans sex outside marriage and insulting the president blew himself up at a police station on the main island of Java today, killing one other person and wounding 11 people.

Agus Sujatno, 34, an Islamist militant and convicted bomb-maker who was released from prison last year, entered the police station in the city of Bandung on a motorbike and detonated a bomb as officers were lining up for morning assembly.

Detectives later found ‘dozens’ of white pieces of paper taped to the attacker’s motorbike protesting against the country’s controversial new criminal code that was passed on Tuesday.

West Java Police Chief Suntana, who uses one name, said a paper taped to the Sujatno’s motorbike was recovered from the Astana Anyar police station with the words, ‘Criminal code is the law of infidels, let’s fight the satanic law enforcers.’

Indonesia’s Parliament on Tuesday passed a new criminal code that bans sex outside of marriage and insulting the president and state institutions.

Though there are sharia-based provisions in the new law, Islamist hardliners could have been angered by other articles that could be used to crackdown on the propagation of extremist ideologies, analysts say.

Some Islamist extremists have called for the implementation of sharia law in Indonesia, which officially recognises five religions in addition to Islam.

Sujatno, also known by his alias Abu Muslim, was affiliated with the Islamic State-inspired group Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) and had been released from prison last year where he had been jailed on terrorism charges.

Todd Elliott, a senior security analyst at Concord Consulting in Jakarta, said it was likely the attack had been planned for some time and was an ideological rejection of the country’s new laws.

… Sujatno had entered the police station on his motorbike and detonated one of two bombs he was carrying. The other explosive was safely detonated by the police bomb squad.


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