Dave Portnoy and the ‘Bro-Choice’ Crisis By Madeleine Kearns

Dave Portnoy and the ‘Bro-Choice’ Crisis By Madeleine Kearns

I can’t say that I am in total agreement at all points with this otherwise fine piece by Kearns – she’s one of those types who is paranoid of “MeToo,” fearing that men will be unjustly accused of sexual abuse but not get their due process.

In my view, our legal system and culture has too long run foul in the other direction, in which men are favored over women; with men who clearly sexually abused a woman getting off the hook, while the woman was victim-blamed for having been raped, due to having imbibed alcohol, or for having worn a short skirt.

Men are automatically believed in these scenarios and the women not.

It’s not that I’m opposed to due process, but knowing American culture as I do, and that it does have fibers of sexual stereotypes woven into it that are harmful to women and that favor men, I can’t get too worked up and break out in a sweat over due-process vis- a- vis men of any age (especially college aged ones, many of whom are known to be crass, sexist freaks who don’t genuinely care about women) and false accusations of rape.

The rest of this essay was correct.

Now that some states are putting limitations on abortion, it really exposes the “bro choice” smarmy, woman-using cads for what they are (why would any woman willingly have sex with these douche bags knowing what they are?), and it may hopefully cause some people – women in particular – to stop buying into all that third wave feminist propaganda about casual sex being fine and dandy with no repercussions.

There have always been repercussions to having sex, and I don’t just mean possible pregnancy.

(Link): Dave Portnoy and the ‘Bro-Choice’ Crisis

June 30, 2022

For decades, women have been duped into devaluing the price of their intimacy. Now selfish men are getting their comeuppance.

Last week, Dave Portnoy, founder of the Barstool Sports blog, released an “emergency press conference” on Twitter in response to the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

He lamented that without guaranteed abortion access, the country is “going backwards.” He said he sees no other choice but “to vote for a moron like Biden because the Right is gonna put Supreme Court people in who are just ruining this country, taking basic rights away.”

…  What’s of more immediate interest is that the overturning of Roe could facilitate something of a crisis for the bro-choice movement.

Portnoy’s strong feelings about abortion are representative of men who pursue commitment-free sex and are thus beneficiaries of Roe. And some women seem to share these feelings.

The other day, Vice President Kamala Harris said on CNN, “If you are a parent of sons, do think about what this means for the life of your son and what that will mean in terms of the choices he will have.”

Yes, do think. It’s long overdue.

[Portnoy was accused by several women of being violent with them during sex, filming them without permission, and Portnoy later went on to deny those accusations and to say any and all sexual activity was consensual.]

Matthew Walther, in describing the rise of Portnoyism and why it’s such a popular kind of politics, points to some of the causes it embraces, such as “the rights of male undergraduates to engage in fornication while intoxicated without fear of the Title IX mafia.” …

Men are not entitled to sex without “fear” of consequences. And not least because all sex has consequences — if not physical, then emotional and spiritual. Selfishness ought to be shameful.

The truth is that fear of unwanted responsibilities and social pressure are far more effective deterrents to sexual misbehavior than any kangaroo court or campaign of personal or political vindictiveness. The reason is that, per Kamala Harris, it requires thinking — the anticipation of mutual responsibility.

Shame acted as a safeguard against behaviors that are both individually and socially destructive. This applied to both sexes. In addition to “slut-shaming,” there was also cad-shaming.

Before the sexual revolution, the minimum offer required by society for a man to secure sex with a woman outside of wedlock was commitment.

When sex resulted in pregnancy, society expected him to rise to the occasion and marry her. Her family would demand it — hence the term “shotgun wedding.” A man who failed to meet this expectation would be considered unmanly and immoral.
— end —

Dave Portnoy strikes me as being a smarmy, gross pervert who only views women as sexual objects. Have no idea why any sane woman would have sex with the guy or so much as date him. 🤮


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  1. Good to see you still blogging. I’ve always admired your honesty and pithiness. Have you been blessed with a mate yet?

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