Article About Doctor Pedophile from WSJ Mentions His Unmarried Status – Why?

Article About Doctor Pedophile from WSJ Mentions His Unmarried Status – Why?

An article from the Feb 9/10, 2019 issue of the Wall Street Journal – one by Christopher Weaver, Dan Frosch, and Gabe Johnson – details the many instances of pedophilia by a doctor named Weber who worked in a few different government-run hospitals that treated Native American Indians.

(Link): Pedophile Doctor Left Trail of Suspicions – And Abuse

Instead of the government doing anything about his suspected pedophilia, they shuffled him around from hospital to hospital.

In other words, they treated him and covered up the child sex abuse the way so many churches do, by moving the guilty from one church to the next. There was no accountability.  A lot of people looked the other way. People who were whistle-blowers were threatened to keep quiet.

The thing that stood out to me in the article was this comment in the introduction:

At first, officials at the U.S. Indian Health Service overlooked the peculiarities of their unmarried new doctor, including the children’s toys he hoarded in his basement on the reservation.

Please notice the phrase “unmarried… doctor.”

Why is it significant to mention that the predatory doctor was single?

A married man with no children would also seem odd “hoarding children’s toys” in his basement.

I’ve done posts on this blog before with links to news articles explaining that many pedophiles are in fact, married. Some even have biological children of their own.

People who are unmarried – whether they are never married, divorced, or widowed – really should not be treated to a “tougher” standard than married people. Singles should not be more readily suspected of pedophilia or sexual sin than their married counter-parts.

I have a (Link): long list on my blog filled with news stories of married men and women who were guilty of child abuse, pedophilia, using prostitutes, having affairs, selling illicit drugs, bestiality, or spouse abuse.

There is absolutely nothing about the state of being married which instantly,  automatically, or guarantees or confers godly, admirable, or decent behavior to a person.

I refer you to these previous posts on my blog which discuss some of these matters:

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This page contains many excerpts from articles and studies that explain that most pedophiles are MARRIED, not single:

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