‘Comparing Muslims to HITLER’: Lefties Are Trying to Get Muslim Parents Fired for Speaking Out Against Sexually Explicit Books in Schools

‘Comparing Muslims to HITLER’: Lefties Are Trying to Get Muslim Parents Fired for Speaking Out Against Sexually Explicit Books in Schools

I just posted about this topic about two days ago here, (Link): Arab-Americans Form Unlikely Alliance in Bid to Ban Explicit LGBTQ Books from School Libraries

This is the awkwardness that happens thanks to progressive victimhood ideology – far left liberals and progressives put everyone in a group, insist that some groups have things worse than others, are more oppressed than others (intersectionality),
then when one of the liberal “pet groups” (Muslims) speaks out against another pet group (LGBTQ) or liberal pet cause,
the progressives either start behaving like hypocrites (throwing one of their own pet groups under the bus), or, it leaves them meshed in confusion.

It’s pretty funny to watch liberals “eat their own.” This is where their woke, intersectional ideology leads.

What is the deal with so many liberals and progressives comparing anyone they do not like with Hitler?

When you use the Hitler comparison as often as progressives and liberals do, it dilutes the meaning and the horrors of Hitler.
If everyone is a Hitler (for not agreeing with every last portion of progressive views) than nobody is Hitler.

I do not like Islam (Islam has huge problems with systemic sexism and violence against girls and women, which most liberals and progressives will not admit or discuss),
but so long as Muslims peacefully practice their religion in the United States, they have every right to do that and to speak out against LGBTQ being indoctrinated into public school children if they wish to.

(Link): ‘Comparing Muslims to HITLER’: Lefties are trying to get Muslim parents fired for speaking out against sexually explicit books in schools (thread)

So the Left is now going after Muslims for disagreeing with sexually explicit materials in schools. That figures.

Hey, when they show you who they really are, especially people on the Left, BELIEVE THEM.

Look at this thread:

Pure insanity?


Welcome to 2022.

Well, of course, they’re using that argument. The Left fully believes they ‘own’ certain demographics, and when people of those demographics step out of line? Time to cancel, fire, and destroy them. It’s the Lefty way.


They’ve been doing this for months now.


Look at how they treated parents in general during the lockdowns. Biden’s own DOJ called them domestic terrorists.


If only Muslims would support their children seeing smut at school. Sheesh.

[Link to specific Tweet screen capped below here on Twitter]


This is stuff local news stations wouldn’t share because it is too graphic but the Left wants our children to see it at school.

Ask yourselves why. …

[Link to specific Tweet shown below]


— end article —

Again, not a supporter of Islam – it’s a highly violent, misogynistic religion, but American Muslims do have a right to speak out against LGBTQ materials in U.S. public schools if they so wish, and they should be able to do so without being compared to Hitler.

In some Islamic nations, Muslims throw homosexual men to their deaths from roof tops, and women rape victims get stoned to death for being rape victims – funny I never hear these same progressive lunatics ranting against any of that. But they pitch a fit about Muslim parents speaking out against LGBT content being in public schools.


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