America’s Best City for Singles – With the Most Unattached Women Per Capita and 55.4% of Residents Unmarried

America’s Best City for Singles – With the Most Unattached Women Per Capita and 55.4% of Residents Unmarried

(Link): This is America’s best city for singles: ‘A lot of hot women here’

March 3, 2023
By Alex Mitchell

…New research from the Thriving Center of Psychology has found that Buffalo is one of the best cities in America to be single.

The western New York metropolis has the third most single people per capita compared to other major cities, according to the survey, which relied on US census data. But it also boasts the most single women per capita of any city, and the ninth most single men.

Buffalo bachelors, especially, are cheering the favorable conditions.

…The city’s affordability is a key reason it’s good for bachelors and bachelorettes. The cost of living is 39% below New York state’s average and 5% below the nation’s as a whole, according to RentCafe, an apartment search website.

Thanks to the favorable economics, residents don’t have to couple up.

(Link): America’s best city for singles – with the most unattached women per capita and 55.4% of residents unmarried: ‘You don’t have to put in much effort’


By Will Potter
March 4, 2023

America’s best city for singles has been revealed – with Buffalo, New York beating out the nation’s top metropolises to grab the number one spot.

The bachelor paradise won a glistening review in new research from the Thriving Center of Psychology, which found it boasts the most single women per capita in the country.

It also has the ninth most single men and the third most single people in general per capita, according to the data, which also found three quarters of singles struggle to find a match without using a dating app.

Buffalo’s position as the best place for the relationship-averse was cemented in a 2022 study by Lending Tree, which scientifically calculated which major city is the most single-friendly.

The western New York city beat out Cleveland, Ohio for first place, thanks to its low rents, short commutes and high numbers of people who live alone.

Among America’s cities that are ‘most friendly to singles,’ Buffalo’s 55.4 percent of unmarried residents helped it come out on top.

The metro’s affordability is one of its most attractive qualities, with data from RentCafe finding the cost of living is 39 percent below the New York state average and five percent lower than the nations as a whole.

Not needing to split rent allows Buffalo singles to live alone, an inviting factor that helped it beat the likes of Louisville, Kentucky and Detroit, Michigan.

Also in the top 10 of most single-friendly US cities, according to the data, is St Louis, New Orleans, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh.

But California’s unlucky-in-love may find their hometowns on the opposite list, with San Jose and San Francisco taking home the top spots of the worst areas to be alone.  …

Joining them on the list of least friendly singles spots is Seattle, New York, and Dallas, with other California cities LA, San Diego, Sacramento and Riverside also in the top 10.

The rankings were calculated based on seven variables to determine which of America’s top 50 metros are the best to be single in.

Median single-person income, monthly housing costs for mortgaged homes, rent prices, how many residents live alone, and a city’s unmarried population were all used to compile the list.


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