What is the Purpose of Marriage? Is It to Display Christ’s Love for the Church? by B. Roberts

What is the Purpose of Marriage? Is It to Display Christ’s Love for the Church? by B. Roberts

The following comes from a Christian blog that specializes in domestic violence in Christian marriages, and how churches usually let down victims of domestic violence.

I’ve always had a problem with the “marriage serves to illustrate God’s love for the church,” or however it’s put, because it leaves out adult singles. What of adult singles who never marry?

The fact is the Bible says anyone who accepts Christ as Savior is part of the “bride of Christ,” so adult singleness also serves as an illustration of the relationship between God and the church, but one never hears this from the marriage-idolizing Christians.

(Link): What is the purpose of marriage? Is it to display Christ’s love for the church? by B. Roberts


Many Christian leaders these days are echoing the Roman Catholic view more than the Protestant view
Some protestants take the idea that marriage signifies unto us the mystical union that is betwixt Christ and his Church …and turn this signifying quality into one of the purposes of marriage.

…The Bible does not say the purpose of marriage is to signify or display God’s love for the church. Let me share with you a few words from Ps Sam Powell:

I could not agree with the statement “marriage is designed to signify the covenantal love between Christ and his church”. The love between Christ and his church is to be emulated in marriage, but marriage isn’t a sacrament. God has already given us the Lord’s Supper to signify union with Christ. [source]

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