Single, Virgin Women Do Not Have Another Standard by Which to Be Saved, Contra Complementarian Group CBMW

Single, Virgin Women Do Not Have Another Standard by Which to Be Saved, Contra Complementarian Group CBMW

The Bible does teach that people should remain virgins until marriage, but oddly, some Christians do things like omit men from this teaching (as though virginity applies only to women).

In this case, they seem to be conflating being single, and a virgin, with receiving salvation, as though there’s some other standard by which others are saved. Christians also frequently make much too much out of the marriage analogy, in which they pretty much seem to suggest that a person has to be married (and having sex) to truly know God or be in relationship with God.

Via the Biblical Personhood blog:

(Link): Is “Biblical” manhood and womanhood compatible with the gospel of Christ?

The Biblical Personhood blog reproduces this quote from a Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood resource:

[from complementarian, CBMW, material:]

48. How can a Christian single woman enter into the mystery of Christ and the Church if she never experiences marriage?
[Their answer promotes offering your virginity to God. Nothing about becoming a Christian.] – CBMW, “Fifty Crucial Questions, Question 48

… The mystery of Christ and the church, likewise, is not about marriage or celibacy. Jesus loved you – male or female, single or married or divorced or widowed – first. Know you are loved by God, love God back, experience God’s love, and see how it never ends, and how it changes you to live for Him.

Even if you are unfaithful, God remains faithful. That is the mystery of Christ and the church. Other names for entering into the mystery of Christ and the church is being born again, giving your life to God, getting saved, and inviting Jesus into your heart. For all the great things that can be said about marriage or virginity, neither of them is central to how anyone enter into this mystery.

The mere suggestion or question which hint that a single woman may enter it differently from a married woman, or a man, is anti-gospel. To mention virginity makes it worse. The (single or otherwise) non-virgin enters the Kingdom the same way the virgin does.

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By the way, sexual purity is not only for singles or for women – the Bible teaches that all Christians are expected to be sexually pure, whether male or female, married or single. Marrieds are not to have affairs or look at porn or participate in “spouse swapping” and so forth. But often times, Christians only equate sexual purity with adult singles and with single women in particular, which is FALSE.

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