Divorce In China Plummet 70% Following New Government ‘Cool-Off’ Law

Divorce In China Plummet 70% Following New Government ‘Cool-Off’ Law

 The introduction (this is the section before I get to the links about divorce in China):
Not a big fan of China myself, but – I bet you anything that other American conservatives (I’m a conservative, but one who doesn’t idolize marriage) – will be jealous of this policy in China!

I bet anything that members of “Focus On the Family,” “Institute for Family Studies,” or Al Mohler, or Bradford Wilcox, and other such marriage-idolizing and Christian patriarchal groups or persons, will, should they comment on this news story, speak of it in sad, longing, envious terms, as though they wish the American government would and could force married adults to have “cooling off” periods before divorcing.

(And such groups almost always blame women for divorce (they especially love to go after “feminism.”
The sexist pigs who run around on the “Manosphere” and such complain that women “initiate divorces more often.” Hmm, it could be that many American men make for lousy husbands, not that women just like to, you know, divorce for the hell of it.)

As we all know, many neo-Liberals today and the far left support “woke corporations” and the U.S. government at any level cramming crap like CRT (Critical Race Theory) and woke garbage down people’s throats, while conservatives speak out against it all…

That is to say, most American conservatives will tell you they don’t believe in the far left indoctrinating people (especially via government bodies or government mandates), but I bet some of them are secretly envious that the Chinese government can and does direct and micro-manage the personal lives, including marital statuses, of its citizens, in these social areas.

So, you see, there is hypocrisy here.

Most U.S. conservatives would rightly rail and lash out against over-reach and bullying by neo-liberals and the left’s and neo-liberal’s pushing of woke-ism, and they’d complain at how the liberals at times use the U.S. government to force this stuff on people.

However, some of these same conservatives then turn around and act sad and argue in their blog posts and on their pod casts that state and federal governments don’t use the government to force all people, especially women, to stay in abusive or un-loving marriages (i.e., arguing for more draconian divorce laws).

The assumption of such conservatives is that deep down, they think culture was better when it was run by men (some have (Link): said so out-right), and this would include, when women were more or less being forced into limited life roles (ie, specifically stay- at- home motherhood).

Of course, liberals and leftists can be huge hypocrites at times as well, but in this instance, I am showcasing it as it can be on the right.

I’ve already done blog posts about how some Republican and conservative American politicians want to make getting a divorce tougher.

Marriage is not always the fairy tale that Christians promote it as, nor does marriage cure a culture, make a society better, nor does marriage make people more godly and mature – as so many conservatives like to argue.

If marriage was so super awesome and made people content and happy, one would not see high divorce rates in China and in the USA – but alas, we have high divorce rates (until these new laws were introduced).

(Link): Divorces plummet 70% after China introduces mandatory ‘cooling off’ period –  via The Independent

(Link): Divorces fall 70% in China after government orders couples to cool off  – via CNN

Under a new Civil Code which came into force on January 1, couples filing for divorce must wait 30 days after submitting their application, during which time either party can withdraw the petition. They must then apply again after the month is up in order for the marriage to be ended.

(Link): Divorce In China Plummet 70% Following New Government ‘Cool-Off’ Law – via New York Daily News

May 19, 2021

China is currently seeing an unprecedented record drop in the divorce rate since the implementation of a mandatory “cooling-off” period for couples who may be seeking a divorce.
In the final quarter of 2020, 1.06 million couples filed for divorce according to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs. In the first quarter of 2021, just 296,000 couples filed for divorce, a 72% drop.

Year-to-year, in the first quarter of 2020, 612,000 couples filed for divorce, 52% more than at the same time this quarter.

On Jan. 1, a new Civil Code was put into place by the Chinese government that requires couples to wait 30 days after submitting their divorce application to withdraw from the petition according to CNN. Should neither party withdraw, the couple must reapply for divorce.

With more women achieving autonomy in China, the divorce rate has increased with over 70% of divorces having been started by women according to the All-China Women’s Federation.

With Chinese government officials seeking to avoid the rapid aging population that is plaguing the country, they created this new divorce law as a way of remedying marriages and encouraging more child births.
— end excerpts —

Yeah, that’s the same nation that enforced, what was it, the one child policy, for over ten years?

Lots of baby girls were aborted, because their cultural preference is for male children. (Note, that is biologically male kids, not “boys who identify as girls.”) All that murdering of baby girls in the womb messed up the future marriage possibilities for men in that area.

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