Valentine’s Day is Used to Push ‘Kinks’ and ‘Polyamory’ on America’s College Campuses

Valentine’s Day is Used to Push ‘Kinks’ and ‘Polyamory’ on America’s College Campuses

I really think that Valentine’s Day should be about (non-sexual) love. I bet none of these idiot colleges will celebrate Valentine’s Day by advising celibacy.

(Link): Valentine’s Day is Used to Push ‘Kinks’ and ‘Polyamory’ on America’s College Campuses


Universities around the country are celebrating Valentine’s Day with sexually explicit events and giveaways.

February 11, 2022
by Peter Cordi

As Valentine’s Day approaches, schools across the country are observing the holiday with sex toy giveaways, condom art, and sexually explicit educational events. Red Valentine's Day Heart

Campus Reform took a look at how a number of different universities are celebrating Valentine’s Day, or “Sex Week.”

Princeton University

At Princeton University, students will celebrate “National Condom Day” with a condom sculpture contest at an event called LatEXHIBITION.

At this Feb. 14 event, students will form small groups and compete to “create something beautiful and educational” out of expired condoms.

University Health Services will provide the condoms “in increments of 50.” The event will also feature “judging and prizes.”

University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas hosted an event called “Let’s Talk About Sex” advertised as “an open conversation about sex and pleasure.”

At the event, students learned to “engage in sexual fantasies” and the do’s and don’ts of both participating in and expressing various “kinks.”

The school gave out condoms, sex toys, Adam & Eve coupons, as well as an interactive booklet at the event.

Ohio State University

Ohio State University’s Sex Week will include an event called “Valentine’s For Abortion Providers,” during which students have a chance to “thank abortion providers in Ohio and Texas for the valuable work they do for reproductive rights.”

The school is also set to host an exhibition fair where students will “taste-test” lube, learn about “trans-affirming” sex toys, and participate in a workshop about the “fun side of sex,” including topics such as “bondage, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism, fetish, and more.”

Other events slated for OSU’s Sex Week include “Treat Yourself: Masturbation and Self-Exploration,” “Let’s Talk About Drag, Baby!” “Great Minds Kink Alive,” and “Trivia: Are You a Sexpert?”

The school’s “Valentine’s For Abortion Providers” event will be the only Sex Week event held twice; once on Feb. 16 and again on Feb. 18.

Tulane University

Tulane University’s Sex Week includes a number of events and giveaways where participants will receive sex toys and condoms, according to the school’s website.

Students are invited to a “Genital Diversity Gallery” that “presents the vast spectrum of genitalia (assigned-male, assigned-female, intersex, trans, and with voluntary or forced surgeries) to destigmatize genitals and celebrate the diversity of bodies that exist.”

An event titled “Reimagining Intimacy at the Intersections of Race, Disability, Gender, & Sexuality” will facilitate the discussion of “intimacy across experiences and identities, especially across disability, queerness, and race.”

The school’s Queer Student Alliance will also host a discussion addressing “polyamory and ethical non-monogamy.”

Other event titles include “Wheel of Fornication,” “Peaches and Cream,” “Yoga For Sex,” “Sex After Dark,” and “Sex Ed Quickie.”

The schedule concludes with an event called “TU After Dark Game Night: Sexy Bingo,” which the description reads, “This is not your grandparents’ bingo!”

Campus Reform reached out to all universities mentioned for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.


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