Husband Dies of Covid-19 Only 48 Hours After Wife Gives Birth to Premature Baby

Husband Dies of Covid-19 Only 48 Hours After Wife Gives Birth to Premature Baby

Contrary to a lot of secular and Christian conservative marriage and nuclear family propaganda, getting married and/or having children are not guarantees that you won’t die alone or won’t face other hardships in life.

Maybe the following news headline could be used as one argument about why it’s better to remain single and childless.

(Link): Husband Dies of Covid-19 Only 48 Hours After Wife Gives Birth to Premature Baby

Michael Keene, an Army vet, got COVID-19 in early October. He died three weeks later, 48 hours after Nicole Keene, gave birth prematurely.

 By Meghan Holohan
Dec 18, 2020

After struggling with COVID-19 for three weeks this fall, Jeffery Michael Keene, 39, was admitted to the hospital. Doctors tried stabilizing him without intubating him, but they had to place him on a ventilator on Oct. 16. Wife, Nicole Keene, worried. She was a respiratory therapist and knew that being on a ventilator was “not to be taken lightly.”

But then Keene went into labor at 34 weeks and her son, Michael Wesson, was born unresponsive. Doctors sent Wesson to the same hospital as his father. Two days later, Michael died without ever knowing Wesson was born.

….When doctors delivered her placenta, they realized that Wesson had bled into his mother and he needed a blood transfusion immediately. They took him to a neonatal intensive care unit in the same hospital where Michael was. But his doctors recommended that Keene not tell her husband about the baby. They worried it would agitate him.

“I certainly never thought Michael was going to die so I didn’t think it was really that big of a deal,” Keene said. “I can wait for a few days if they’re saying it could harm him.”

….The couple had been married for three years after meeting online and “he was the glue that held” the family together.

…On Oct. 28, Michael died.

“All of my worst fears happened within a two-day period. It was terrifying,” she said “I don’t really know how I even got through that. I am not sure that I really did.”

Wesson left the NICU after six weeks. Michael was buried near his family in South Carolina. On Christmas day, Keene visited his grave with her children.

“That was pretty rough,” she said. “It’s pretty much a constant state of being overwhelmed and stressed out.”

…“Somebody out there gave Michael COVID … that person probably doesn’t even know that they gave it to Michael,” she said. “Now Michanchel is gone and the impact of him being gone is devastating to our family. These children will be forever affected. I’ll be forever affected.”


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