Married Mother and Father Fake the Wife’s Kidnapping, Used Donated Funds Meant to Help Find Kidnapped Wife to Pay off Couple’s Personal Credit Card Debt

Married Mother and Father Fake the Wife’s Kidnapping, Used Donated Funds Meant to Help Find Kidnapped Wife to Pay off Couple’s Personal Credit Card Debt

Never. Ever. Argue. Ever Again.  That “marriage” or “parenthood” somehow improve a person’s character, morality, or that either one somehow fixes what is wrong with culture, if you’re one of those who is super obsessed with Nuclear Families, marriage, and parenting, like most secular or religious conservatives, such as but not limited to, Focus On The Family,  National Marriage Project, Jim Daly, Mark Regnerus, Brad Wilcox, or Al Mohler.

Never again, in light of the fact I regularly see news items of married people (some of whom are parents!) who rape people, or who steal, make child porn, sell illegal drugs, and on and on with the wrong-doing, write, publish, or broadcast your stupid “if only every one would marry by the time they are 25 years old and have three children each, it would usher in a sin-free society and fix all that is wrong with the world!” bullshit.

Being married or being a parent does not necessarily make a person more responsible, loving, or ethical, or better in any way, shape, or form, than being single and childless (or childfree).

The following married couple faked the wife’s kidnapping, and used the “Go Fund Me” account that was opened to provide funds to help the family find her to use that donated money to pay off their personal debt on their credit card. Both are parents. Un-freaking-believable!

I am not anti-Marriage, anti-Nuclear Family, or anti-parenthood, but all the other conservatives have to stop it with cramming the “hyper pro Nuclear Family / Marriage / Natalism” propaganda down people’s throats, which they do every few months, with their stupid, insulting essays containing their fear-mongering, shaming, anti-singleness, “oh no, people are not getting married any more, or choosing not to have babies any more, marriage is so much better for people and culture than staying single” pearl-clutching essays and editorials.

(Link):  Years ago, she told police she had been abducted, beaten and branded. Now she’s charged with making it all up 

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(Link): Sherri Papini, husband allegedly paid off credit cards with $49,000 donated to kidnapping hoax

March 5, 2022
By Kerry J. Byrne

Sherri Papini’s once sympathetic tale grows more loathsome with each passing day.

The California “super mom” didn’t just fake her own abduction: Papini and her husband Keith also allegedly used nearly $50,000 donated toward the effort to find her to pay off their credit cards instead, according to authorities.

Papini was arrested Thursday on charges she staged her own 2016 kidnapping, a shocking three-week disappearance that generated international headlines and an outpouring of public support.

Federal prosecutors in California also claim in court papers Papini used $49,070 donated through the “Bring Sherri Home Safe” GoFundMe page, toward credit card debt and other personal expenses. It appears her husband Keith, and an unnamed ex-boyfriend, were at least aware of her ruse.

“Thank you all so much for your donations,” Keith Papini wrote on the GoFundMe page on Nov. 7, 2016, five days after he reported her missing. “Your generosity, concern and prayers are very much appreciated by the Papini family.”

Just one month later, on Dec. 6, he wrote a $31,818.13 check to himself from the GoFundMe account, prosecutors allege, much of which was used to pay down credit card debt. The rest of the donated funds were put in the couple’s bank accounts and spent on personal expenses.

Papini, 39, of Redding, Calif., was found beaten and bound on a Yolo County road by local sheriffs on Thanksgiving morning 2016. She shared horrific tales of her gunpoint abduction by two Hispanic woman and brutal captivity, including allegations that she was forced to use a trash can as a toilet and was brutally branded on her right shoulder.

She actually spent the entire three weeks staying with an old boyfriend, prosecutors say, and he was the person who branded her with a wood-burning tool, which he purchased at a local Hobby Lobby.

Papini, who is locked up at the Sacramento County Jail, had a virtual hearing on Zoom before US Magistrate Judge Jeremy Peterson on Friday. He ordered that she remain in custody at least until her next court date Tuesday.

(Link): EXCLUSIVE: Ex-lover who hid Sherri Papini for 22 days is revealed as a 37-year-old sports shop worker who helped her escape her ‘abusive husband’ in Costa Mesa apartment in her own room with boarded up windows as he slept on the couch

(Link):  California jogger Sherri Papini staged own violent kidnapping, FBI says

Papini’s 2016 disappearance was long cloaked in confusion, as a friend raised funds for a ‘reverse ransom’


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