My Date Had A Toilet Fetish – He Wanted To Lick Me Clean by Anonymous

My Date Had A Toilet Fetish – He Wanted To Lick Me Clean by Anonymous


This is one of the grossest things I’ve ever read.

Aside from the grossness – the fact that the guy did get overly familiar too fast is a huge red flag.

If you want to avoid weirdos and narcissists as much as possible, take any new relationship slowly (narcissists in particular love to speed things up and pressure you for commitment right away, as do some non-narcissistic abusive and controlling men – they might seriously discuss marriage on a very first date (saying already they can picture the two of you together, married) or propose marriage by the second date, or whatever. Red Flag!)

Getting back to the grossness – this man she didn’t know well tells her he has a “toilet fetish.” messyToilet

He wanted to use his tongue to clean her private area, including, it seems, the area around her anus , after she used the bathroom.

Aside from just being weird and gross, that’s a good way of getting diseases and becoming ill. If there’s any fecal matter in the area, that is loaded with bacteria, and if you ingest it, it can make you very sick (more info here). 

The following story gets more and more off kilter the more it goes on:

(Link): I thought my date was going to propose – instead he told me he had a toilet fetish

By Anonymous
May 28, 2022

Signing up for online dating was a big deal for me. 

Coming out of an abusive relationship had left me too scared to be intimate with anyone and so I remained single for many years. But, after a decade, I finally felt ready to dip my toe back into the dating pond again.

Setting up a profile on a couple of dating sites, I went on a few boring dates.

There was, however, one guy who seemed different. His messages were almost poetic. He seemed thoughtful, considerate, and gentle.

[She and the guy began contacting each other, and the guy came on too strong too fast]

We didn’t know each other. How on earth could he ‘shine’ for me?!

The next day more texts came, expressing how excited he was to meet me. He knew I was ‘the one!’ I was baffled. 

But although I was tempted to cancel, being the people pleaser I was, I felt bad about letting him down. So I ignored the overly-familiar comments and tried to keep the conversation on a more normal track. 

And, initially, when he met me off the coach, I was glad I hadn’t called the date off – he was the tall, dark and handsome type, dressed smartly in chinos and a shirt. Maybe there was some hope there after all…

But when we went to a pub, the intensity ramped up even more. I tried to tell him about the gig, ask about his work as a scientist, but he was more intent on gazing into my eyes and stroking my hands.

As he told me how beautiful and perfect I was and all of the things – picnics, shows, tourist hotspots – he wanted us to do. I wanted to curl up and hide somewhere. 

[They eventually go back to her apartment, where the guy sits next to her on the sofa and asks if he can kiss her, she says okay, they kiss, and then he says he wants to ask her a question. At first, she’s concerned he wants to propose marriage.]

…Taking my hands, he looked at me earnestly.

‘I have something to tell you.’

Tell, not ask. That was a relief – no proposals.

‘I want you to know, before we have sex, I have genital HPV.’

I have to admit, I knew very little about HPV (Human Papillomavirus) but before I could ask him anything, he continued speaking. 

‘I would always wear a condom, until you loved me enough to risk catching it.’ 

‘I don’t really know much about it,’ I stammered, appreciating, at least, his honesty. ‘I don’t think we should have sex until I’ve looked into it.’

He nodded, said he understood.

‘But,’ he said, ‘Until you let me make love to you, can I do something else?’

 ‘What do you mean?’ I replied nervously. 

He gazed at me longingly, then said, ‘I want to lick you clean.’

‘What do you mean?’ I repeated, not having a clue what he meant. 

‘After you’ve used the toilet, I want to lick you clean. Both front and back.’

Suddenly, my voice became high-pitched, exceedingly posh. 

‘Um, well, yes. Umm. Thank you so much for the offer. It’s very kind of you. I shall ponder on it and get back to you.’

I then said I needed to sleep on his very kind offer and asked him to leave. He obliged.

He text me the next day and I said I still needed time to think. 

I’m someone who believes that everyone has the right to do what makes them happy as long as no-one gets hurt, so I didn’t want to tell him anything that would make him feel like I thought badly of him, but, well, this wasn’t a fetish I had any interest in!

When I eventually explained I wasn’t ready for what he wanted, he told me he wanted to stay friends – that he wanted to be around when I changed my mind (that wasn’t going to happen but bless his optimism!) – and so we kept in touch over email. 

I liked him as a person and he was, fundamentally, a good guy, so I encouraged him to look for someone else.

Later in the year, he emailed again. He’d met someone and had told her all about me. She was wondering if I could join their relationship. They wanted us to be a threesome.

I thanked them kindly for the offer, said I was very flattered and never emailed again.
— end —

After reading horror stories like that one, what with there being so many weirdos and abusers out there, being and staying single looks better more and more.


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