Jealous Ex Shoots Off His Wife’s New Boyfriend’s Penis with a Handgun – Then Laughs While Describing What Happened to Police

Jealous Ex Shoots Off His Wife’s New Boyfriend’s Penis with a Handgun – Then Laughs While Describing What Happened to Police

If you’re a single adult, tired of being single, just look at news stories like this and cheer up – being in a relationship isn’t a guarantee of happiness, not when your S.O.’s former flame shows up to shoot you with a gun in your genitals.

The guy says the shooting was an accident, but I don’t think the police are buying that. The ex wife says it was deliberate.

Is it worse to be single, or be shot in the genitals? 🤣

(Link): Jealous ex shoots off his wife’s new boyfriend’s penis with a handgun – then laughs while describing what happened to police

By Chris Matthews
Nov 11, 2022

A jealous ex-husband laughed as he told police how he shot off his wife’s new lover’s penis with a handgun.

Bunteurm Oonkaew, 37, had been drinking with his own girlfriend when he flew into a rage and stormed over to his ex-wife’s home in Chumphon, southern Thailand, on Thursday night.

He pushed open the door before pointing the gun at Somchai Sakoolchai, 40, and blasting him in the groin, which Bunteurm claims was an accident.

Horrified ex-wife Ubonrat, 35, called the police and Bunteurm, a lottery ticket seller, was arrested at his home.

Although he told officers the gun had gone off ‘by mistake’, he was remanded in custody on suspicion of attempted murder.

If he is found guilty of attempted murder Bunteurm could face a 15-year jail sentence.

Somchai was taken to hospital where he was conscious, but his penis was so badly wounded that medics fear it will not function again.

Bunteurm laughed as he told police: ‘I just came back from work and sat drinking alcohol in the room with my girlfriend before getting up and taking out the gun, which I keep in the cupboard.

‘I walked past my ex-wife’s house so I stopped to talk with her but I accidentally had the gun in my hand and pulled the trigger by mistake.

‘The gun fired and hit the area between Somchai’s legs, but I didn’t mean to do that.

…Bunteurm’s ex-wife Ubonrat told police that she had two children with her former husband — a 15-year-old boy and a nine-year-old girl.

However, Ubonrat said her ex had failed to move on since they got divorced around six years ago.

She said Bunteurm had pushed open the door to her single-story home and yelled ‘Where is he?’

The angry ex then allegedly thrust the gun into the groin of her new partner before pulling away and firing at his crotch.

The bullet hit him in the penis.

Paramedics rushed the man to hospital, where he is in a stable condition but his penis has been damaged.

Ubonrat said: ‘I have told the police what happened. My ex-husband shot my boyfriend. It was not a mistake.

‘I am praying that he will be OK. He is good to me.

‘I do not mind if his penis does not work anymore. The doctors said it was shot off and it will not function.’


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