Newlywed Pharmacist Beaten To Death on Honeymoon by Her New Husband

Newlywed Pharmacist Beaten To Death on Honeymoon by Her New Husband

Yeah… being single (even if you had wanted to be married or still hope to be) is not as bad as getting murdered by your spouse – and on your honeymoon, no less! Good lord!

I’d want to get married in part to have companionship, to have someone to cuddle on me as we lie on the couch together watching NetFlix – not to get beaten to death! Getting beaten to death (or at all) is not my idea of a loving, wonderful relationship.

Not sure if I am understanding the timeline correctly – but it looks as though they married in February of this year (2022) but didn’t take the honeymoon until July 2022 (?). But still, that’s pretty shocking and tragic.

This is yet another example of how, contrary to so many conservative marriage promoters propagandize, that marriage does not make a person more ethical, godly, or loving, responsible, nor, contrary to all the Christian (evangelical and Baptist) dating and marriage advice books and articles I saw growing up, does a person have to be godly, loving, or receive some state of perfection before God will allow a person to marry.

(Link): Newlywed charged with murdering wife on Fiji honeymoon calls it ‘accident’


by Lee Brown
July 22, 2022

The Tennessee newlywed charged in the beating death of his wife on their honeymoon in Fiji is claiming it was an “accident,” according to his lawyer.

Bradley Robert Dawson, 38, is charged with murdering his pharmacist wife, Christe Chen, 36, whose body was found in an exclusive scenic Fiji resort in the Yasawa Islands on July 9, two days after checking in.

(Link): Newlywed husband escaped on a KAYAK to island 1.2miles away from $3,500-a-night honeymoon bungalow in Fiji where he ‘beat his pharmacist wife to death in bathroom’: Found 36hrs later and charged with her murder

by Amy Maas
July 21, 2022

A newlywed Memphis pharmacist was found beaten to death in the bathroom of her luxury honeymoon bungalow in Fiji – and her husband, now charged with her murder, used a kayak to flee to a small island 1.2 miles away, can exclusively reveal.

Christe Jion Chen, 39, was found dead on July 9 at the secluded $3,500-a-night Turtle Island Resort in the Yasawa group of islands – the jewel in the South Pacific nation’s billion-dollar travel industry.

She had suffered multiple traumatic injuries to her body, and blunt force trauma to the head, according to a post-mortem exam report viewed by

Chen and her husband, Bradley Robert Dawson, 38 – who she married in February – had only checked into the resort two days earlier. He has since been arrested for her murder and is being held in prison in nearby Lautoka. His lawyer, Iqbal Khan, told that his client denies the charges. has learned that the alarm was raised on July 9 when neither Chen or Dawson turned up to eat breakfast – their personal butler then went to the couples’ bungalow and found a ‘do not disturb sign’ on their door. They then failed to turn up to lunch, and at that point their butler – who personally cleans their bungalow – used a spare key to unlock the door.

The butler – known as a ‘House Papa’ – discovered Chen lying bloodied on the bathroom floor around midday.

Sources have told that the 50-year-old had started cleaning other rooms in the bungalow before he saw blood stains on the bathroom wall. When he went to investigate, he found Chen beaten to death.

He then alerted hotel management who called the Fiji Police Force in the nearby city of Lautoka, just under an hour from Nadi International Airport.

At the same time officers recovered Chen’s body, they also sent a team to search for Dawson who was nowhere to be found, a source told

He was found on Matacawalevu Island, about 1.2 miles across the water from Turtle Island, by a local man around 3pm the next day, on Sunday, July 10.

Manoa Ratulele, 49, told that Dawson told him that he used a kayak to paddle to the island between 2am and 3am on Saturday morning after having a fight with Chen.

‘But he landed on a secluded beach and I don’t know what he was doing after that,’ Ratulele said.

He told that Dawson was bruised and bleeding from his palms and feet, injuries that may have been caused from falling onto nearby coral. Dawson also ‘appeared disturbed’ so Ratulele offered him water and help.


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