Judge Orders Man to Pay Ex-Wife Over $200K for 25 Years of Housework – Doesn’t Jibe With Sexist Complementarian or Trad Wife Propaganda

Judge Orders Man to Pay Ex-Wife Over $200K for 25 Years of Housework – Doesn’t Jibe With Sexist Complementarian or Trad Wife Propaganda

The sub-heading of the news article below is

“Ex-wife claimed her dedication to housework left her without career prospects”

I am not anti-marriage. I am not opposed to women who, if they understand what they’re getting into, decide of their own accord to marry and be a housewife (however, I do not respect this choice if it’s done primarily or only because of church teachings, societal expectations, or family pressure).

If you are a woman, and you know in your heart of hearts that one of your big dreams or goals in life is to marry and be a housewife, then go for it! But it has to be YOUR freely chosen goal or dream, not that of your church, your parents, or your culture.

I do oppose the rigid, sexist societal, family, and religious views that tell women that their only or highest purpose in life is to marry and get pregnant.

I oppose the flip side of this rhetoric, where a society, family, or religion (or cultural, conservative commentators) shame, mock, or criticize women for not marrying or for not having children (for whatever reasons).

Too often, I’ve seen moderate to higher level complementarians argue that women should not get college degrees, and/or should not get a paying job or career.

There’s also been a new-ish trend the last year or two called “Trad Wife,” that seems mostly composed of secular women who want to live out a 1950s, June Cleaver housewife lifestyle (I may be doing a post about this later).

Super hard core wacko patriarchist Lori Alexander, of The Transformed Wife, even goes so far as to say (if I remember correctly) that single women shouldn’t get a job outside of the home and just “trust the Lord to provide.”

(Side note: that is the same advice given to Christian single women: just trust the Lord to send you a husband! Yeah, well, I did a lot of trusting in the Lord, I also tried dating sites and church single classes, and I’m still single, so that advice is bogus.)

Anyway. I have another news story on this blog of a married woman who was jobless, and she was depending on her husband’s disability (or social security? I forget which) payments, but he died in a hospital when his body bursts into flames… so now, this woman, with no job, no income, and a dead husband, has no financial means.

It’s not a wise life choice for a woman to skip college (or a trade school of some kind) and to depend wholly on a husband for financial support, when he may divorce her, she may have to divorce him, or he may die from a heart attack, car accident, or from another factor.

(Link): Court Orders Woman’s Ex-Husband to Pay Her $215K for 25 Years of Housework During Their Marriage

Ivana Moral of Spain will be paid by her former husband, who owns a flourishing gym business, according to multiple reports

(Link): Judge orders man to pay ex-wife over $200K for 25 years of housework

Ex-wife claimed her dedication to housework left her without career prospects

March 12, 2023
by Michael Lee

A Spanish judge ordered a man to pay his ex-wife $215,000 for 25 years of housework that she “exclusively” handled while they were a couple.

Ivana Moral won the judgment after arguing she was burdened by chores for the couple during their 25 years of marriage, according to a report from WSB, citing the Spanish language newspaper El Pais.

The court ordered Moral’s ex-husband to make monthly payments of $528 to his ex-wife, a sum that was determined by calculating the minimum monthly professional wage for housekeepers during the period the couple were married.

Moral told the court she was also responsible for raising the couple’s two daughters and taking care of her husband during their marriage, yet still managed clean a house she described as “always impeccable.”

The ex-wife argued that “her exclusive dedication to the home and family” left her unable to pursue her own career opportunities, while her ex-husband was able to build a successful gym business and “accumulated and exponentially increased his assets.”

Moral also argued that her 25 years of marriage with her ex-husband left her feeling “economically threatened, worthless, and dependent.”


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