Homosexual Cis (Biological) Man Says He Was Taught to Hate Himself by Leftist, Intersectionalist, Social Justice Warriors, Not Just the Christian Cult He Was Raised In

Homosexual Cis (Biological) Man Says He Was Taught to Hate Himself by Leftist, Intersectionalist, Social Justice Warriors, Not Just the Christian Cult He Was Raised In

This is a very, very long essay, and I read the entire thing earlier today. I will not be putting the whole essay into my post, but only quoting portions of it.

I already did a similar post about a week ago – all the leftist, intersectional crackpots have gone from demonizing “straight” white men, to straight white women, to as of late, their new target seems to have moved on to homosexual, white, “cis” (biological, as opposed to “trans”) men.

A lot of people on the political left seem to think that they won’t be victim to the far left mob, but they will – eventually.
It’s not the conservatives, evangelicals, Trump voters, or Republicans you have to be concerned about if you’re a liberal or LGB person – it’s the far left, the “social justice warriors,” and the “T” and the “Q” in the “LBTQ.”

The homosexual guy who wrote this essay below had to find out first hand
(bold face emphasis on text added by me):

(Link): As a Gay Child in a Christian Cult, I Was Taught to Hate Myself. Then I Joined the Church of Social Justice—and Nothing Changed


July 8, 2021
by Ben Appel

[The author spends much of his opening mentioning the oppressive “Lamb of God” Christian cult he was raised in, until his parents were excommunicated and had to pull him and his family out of the cult. According to the author, Appel, some of what this cult believed includes:]

The Lamb of God’s doctrine became explicit—Christianity good; Islam, feminism, secular humanism, and Marxism bad; and the rules strict—complete submission of all members to the leadership, and of all wives to their husbands.

[The author mentions he attended some kind of religious schooling by the Lamb of God group, until around seventh grade, when his parents put him in a regular public school, where he was bullied by classmates his age for coming across as “effeminate” and different from the other children.
The author says the other children began scribbling notes saying “Ben is a Fag” and pointing this out to him, etc.]

….The timing was stunning, really. Only months before, in The Lamb of God, I had learned all about homosexual pedophiles, and about the plague that our just God had smote upon them.

In Bible class, “sodomy” was even one of our vocabulary words. Not to mention that I had recently entered puberty and was coming to realize that I was, in fact, the terrible thing my classmates said I was.

I was gay.

[The author then says that to lessen bullying incidents, he began to hide who he really was and to act more stereotypically masculine, lest the other children bully him more.

By the time Appel makes it to high school, his parents divorce, and he is diagnosed with OCD -obsessive-compulsive disorder. He eventually then went to one university in the New York area, and then, after graduating from there, transferred to a university in the Mid-West. At both, leftism was really starting to take hold.

The author goes on to mention that by his mid to late twenties, he was being a social activist, protesting for the legalization of homosexual marriage, etc. At this point in the essay, Appel, a homosexual man, discusses returning to college – by this time, he got married to his boyfriend.]

…Within weeks, I was enrolled at my local community college, which I attended part time (while working full time) for a year. Then, in April 2016, I was accepted to Columbia University.

That December, one month after the 2016 election that brought Donald Trump to power, my husband and I moved to New York. My first semester would begin in January, the week of Trump’s inauguration.

…Trump’s victory had appalled me, but also roused my urge to become more political: Like many gay Americans, I wasn’t willing to see everything we’d won get undone by an anti-LGBT administration.

[At Columbia] …Memorably, it was the first time I heard LGBT people exclusively referring to themselves as “queer.” It was also the first time I heard people state their pronouns when they introduced themselves—not just trans people, but LGB people, too.

[During a discussion of gender norms in Islamic culture in one class, Appel states] … either a student or the TA, suggested that Muslim society is harsher on effeminate gay men than it is on masculine women.

…“That’s because it’s more acceptable for a woman to act like a man than it is for a man to act like a woman—since societies often believe that if a man behaves like a woman, he is degrading himself,” I said…

A female student’s hand went up. “Excuse me,” she said, “but there is nothing easier about being a woman in society than a man.”

… In retrospect, it was an innocuous exchange. At the time, though, I was disturbed by it. I saw myself as an accepted member of this progressive world I’d embraced.

But even when (as in this case) pronouncing a fundamentally feminist point of view, my perceived identity—white, male, and conventionally masculine in gender presentation—I’d frequently be perceived by students as privileged, and, therefore, ideologically suspect and out of touch.

During my time at Columbia, people around me would interpret my words in a way that was the exact opposite of what I’d intended; or they’d cast any kind of nuanced, heterodox perspective as an argument made in bad faith…

Being accused of wrongthink by a woman felt particularly disorienting to me. Since I was 13, I’d been primarily raised by my mother and my two older sisters, and nearly all of my closest friends were females.

[Some time later, Appel joined a homosexual rights based organization called GLAAD]

It was also at GLAAD that I first heard the terms “nonbinary” and “cisgender,” and, before I knew it, “cis-supremacy.”

And it was the first time that I was pejoratively referred to as “cis.” It’s a nominally neutral term used to describe a person whose gender identity aligns with their biological sex.

But it’s also an implicit slur, often directed at gay men with traditionally masculine—thus, “assimilationist,” toxic, and regressive—traits.

…At the time, I didn’t have the perspective necessary to challenge this new label that had been assigned to me—by, say, pointing out that I’d adopted more masculine traits when I was young as a survival tactic, due to bullying…

I became terrified of transgressing—of either offending another intern (“How can you like Katy Perry when she totally appropriates black culture?” I was asked during my second week) or screwing up someone’s pronouns. ….

… Since that time, I’ve noticed that enmity toward “cis” gay men (which often seems a lot like straight up homophobia) has begun to permeate LGBT publications and social media, without any sort of consequences.

In a 2020 New Yorker article, for instance, trans/nonbinary writer Masha Gessen (they/them) explained why Pete Buttigieg, the former Democratic candidate for president (and now Joe Biden’s transportation secretary), isn’t “gay enough.”

Gessen analyzed the Buttigieg phenomenon through the lens of intersectionality, a modern theoretical framework that formulates a hierarchy of disadvantage. The greater the disadvantage you suffer, the more immunity from criticism you enjoy, and the more mercy you command from the Church of Social Justice.

…The suggestion here is that since Buttigieg is not a gender-nonconforming ex-con raising an immigrant child on a socialist commune on Portland’s outskirts, he is, Gessen concludes, an “essentially conservative” “straight politician in a gay man’s body”—and so not up to intersectional snuff for the more authentic half of queer America.

This attitude, which has permeated much of LGBT media in recent years, offers one explanation for the sharp uptick in the number of gay men and women who now identify under the umbrella of “trans/nonbinary.”

As I’ve told friends over the last few years, were I to dye my hair purple, start painting my nails and wearing eyeliner, and change my pronouns, I would experience less anti-gay hostility in the “queer” community, since I would have visibly rejected “cis-heteronormativity.”

In fact, my change would also be taken as a signal that I’d adopted a whole set of acceptable politics and beliefs, including the belief that people are attracted to others on the basis of their internally felt gender, as opposed to their biological sex.

In the process, however, I would be denying who I really am.

For years, I feared homophobic right-wing evangelicals. But these days, I’m equally wary of the progressive activists who push a distinctly homophobic agenda that denies the biological reality of sex—and who claim that what we are attracted to isn’t male or female bodies per se, but rather male or female gender identities.

This outlook effectively imagines away the existence of homosexuality, which, in the real world, is of course rooted in physical attraction based on biological attributes.

These ideas also serve to instruct gender-nonconforming children (as I once was) that their uniqueness indicates they may have been born inside the “wrong body,” and so will likely have to commit to a lifetime of medicalization if they want to be happy.

Young boys and girls, not to mention impressionable adults, are being led to believe that if, say, a boy likes to wear skirts or put on makeup, he might really be a girl on the inside; or if a girl would rather play football than cheerlead, then perhaps she’s not a girl, but really a boy, or nonbinary. By means of this “progressive” ideology, we regress to a time in which the categories of “boy” and “girl” were defined in a narrow and reactionary manner.

[After having taken another college course in which some of his progressive classmates seemed to treat him with suspicion, Appel wrote…] People with whom I’d usually felt safe—including gay people and women—seemed to think I was bad. That I was dangerous. Just another cis white man.

[He writes that his father died of cancer in 2019.]

…In the fall of my last year at Columbia, I took a film criticism course, taught by the former head TV critic for the New York Times, Caryn James.

There, I got to listen to white students complain about how Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman wasn’t woke enough.

…For a few months, I was hopeful that my graduate program would be different. It was, after all, a midwestern university; and although it had a strong national reputation, it wasn’t in the ultra-progressive Ivy League.

But then, in late May, George Floyd was murdered.

… In that climate, free thinking became a difficult thing to do on any campus.

I will never forget the images I saw projected on my television and my Twitter feed: white people washing the feet of black people, just as Jesus washed the feet of the Apostles; the baptisms and the prayer circles at the newly consecrated “George Floyd Square”…

A new religious movement had swept the country. Intersectionality stopped being just one of many lenses through which to study, and hopefully improve, a pluralistic society, and now became an institutionally sanctioned, fundamentalist dogma.

One’s morality was no longer judged on the basis of words and deeds, but rather was intrinsic to one’s racial and gender identities. It was officially a race to the bottom of the privilege pyramid—a contest to claim the most oppressed identity.

…In June 2020, about a month after I graduated from Columbia, the MFA program at my new school convened a Zoom session for “white allies.”

For the rest of the Zoom session, we learned about “performative white allyship…. [We were taught] … how to “correct” the speech of others; how to spend our money (“Does my Chick-fil-A sandwich support the murdering of LGBTQIA people abroad?” we could ask ourselves); ….

…But almost as soon as the semester began (virtually) [at his new graduate program], I found myself either swallowing my words or walking on the proverbial eggshells every time I opened my mouth. I was the only male in a nine-person cohort. My whiteness and my maleness—including my “cis”-ness—made me the embodiment of what was wrong with the world.

As at Columbia, I wasn’t the “right” kind of queer—the right kind of anything. Every topic was filtered through an oppressor/victim binary, and the human condition was presented as a series of grievances.

In adjudicating them, no diversity of thought was permitted. Since everyone involved was inhabiting the same online monoculture, I noticed, there was no real difference between Columbia and this university: It was just a different congregation of the same religious sect, reading from the same prayer book.

You can read that essay in full (Link): here.

That’s just more anecdotal evidence of how rotten to the core “intersectionalism” and all the rest of the leftist practices and views are.

Groups that were once understood to face discrimination in society more so than other groups – such as woman (vs. men, for example), that still do face more harassment and hardship than other groups – are now being harassed not just from the “old” groups they’ve always been discriminated by, but by groups on the hard left now as well.

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Yep… Stephanie Drury (and most of the participants at her SCCL Facebook group), Nate Sparks, Christopher Stroop, and most of his (is he calling himself a “she” these days?) -his, her, its “Exive” or “Exvangelical” followers on Twitter are Leftist Fundamentalists – yet they spend a lot of time criticizing Christian fundamentalists.

(Link): The Left Can Be Just as Bad as the Right – The SCCL Pence Post

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