Black Clergy Call on Corporations to Distance Themselves From Black Lives Matter

Black Clergy Call on Corporations to Distance Themselves From Black Lives Matter

(Link): Black leaders call on woke companies to support police, not BLM: ‘They should know better’

Pastor Marc Little calls for companies to support police as crime soars

April 22, 2022
By Joshua Q. Nelson | Fox News

Pastor Marc Little on Friday blasted woke corporations for supporting Black Lives Matter and showed support for cops.

“Before they wrote the checks, we saw Black Lives Matter leadership cross that bridge and say pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon. They had a website up that made it very clear what their intentions were, to destroy the nuclear family,” Little told “Fox & Friends.”

Little called Black Lives Matter a “communist” organization and claimed corporate titans who show support for the group made their livings off of American capitalism.

“And Black Lives Matter and its leadership, what they have done is they’ve gotten their reparations, but they left our police departments in our cities with the carnage. We’ve got a 533% increase in homicides in Portland. 132% increase in Milwaukee. And on and on. This is called Crime by Coca-Cola, crime brought to you by Peloton. Crime brought to our Papa John’s. Crime brought to you by Comcast NBC. They should know better,” he told host Brian Kilmeade.

Little, a board member of Concerned Communities for America, joined with other Black leaders this week to call on corporations to support police departments.

Black murders drastically shot up in 2020, when protests and riots in support of the Black Lives Matter and defund the police movements swept the nation and America dealt with the coronavirus and lockdowns. Social justice activists, however, have looked the other way, according to experts.

“BLM has no actual regard for Black lives at any stage of development. If BLM cared about Black people, its leaders and chapters would devote themselves to addressing the cultural issues that have led to generations of Black overrepresentation among murder victims and perpetrators,” Dr. Carol Swain, retired professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, told Fox News Digital in an email Tuesday.

(Link):  Black leaders criticize Papa John’s, Coca-Cola for supporting Black Lives Matter


April 27, 2022
By Ian M. Giatti, CP Contributor

African American leaders with a conservative-leaning community activist organization are calling for American corporations to repent of their public support for Black Lives Matter and other organizations that are “intentionally hurting” communities by supporting movements to defund police departments.

Pastor Marc Little, executive director for the conservative lobbying organization CURE America Action and board member of Concerned Communities for America (CCA), helped deliver a pledge last week to the headquarters of Papa John’s and Coca-Cola in Atlanta urging executives to signal support of police officers.

CCA, which spearheaded the pledge initiative, aims to “equip and empower minority communities to pursue political liberation by shifting the narrative on political and social agendas via the promotion of economic empowerment, education, and social equity.” Meanwhile, CURE America “advocates for conservative principles based on Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution,” according to its website.

… Little told The Christian Post the agenda being pushed by corporations such as Papa John’s, Coca-Cola, Peloton and others is false and misleading.

“The narrative that corporate media would have us believe is that the black community stands against law enforcement. That’s not true,” said Little. “The black community realizes the reason why law enforcement is more focused in the inner cities where black and brown people live is because that’s where more of the crime is concentrated. That’s just a fact.”

“And to suggest that we want police taken out of our communities where most of the crime is committed just doesn’t make any sense,” he added.

Little, an ordained pastor and graduate of Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California, pointed to a 2020 Gallup poll that found roughly 81% of blacks want police to spend the same amount or more time in their area. Additionally, 20% of African Americans surveyed said they want more police in their areas.

The pastor said that’s a narrative quite different from the one pushed by mainstream media networks, particularly during the George Floyd protests and riots in the summer of 2020.

“The real community, the community you don’t hear in Twitter, in Facebook, these platforms are controlling the narrative in our culture, they’re controlled by a whole bunch of bots … and it’s a narrative that drowns out truth,” he argues.

Little called BLM leadership “self-proclaimed Marxists” and added that Marx himself eventually became a Satanist. He said corporate-led support for a group that has publicly espoused anti-Christian views needs to stop.

(Link): ‘Wokeism’: Conservatives take aim at businesses supporting progressive views

(Link): Black Clergy Call on Corporations to Distance Themselves From Black Lives Matter

By Chris Queen
April 23, 2022

Since the advent of Black Lives Matter in the mid-2010s and especially since the organization went front and center in 2020, corporations have fallen head over heels for BLM.

… Corporations have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker, but there’s a movement afoot to call on companies to back away from Black Lives Matter. A group of black clergy leaders approached some corporate headquarters in Atlanta this week, urging them to distance themselves from BLM.

“Concerned Communities for America, a non-profit led by Black clergy, delivered a pledge for signing to the headquarters of Papa John’s Pizza and Coca Cola in Atlanta on Wednesday to renounce BLM’s charity operation and the movement’s push to defund police,” reports ADN America. “The pledge asks the corporations to renounce their past support and donations to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which has been embroiled in scandals over the use of donations for lavish personal expenses.”

Leaders of this non-profit seek to make corporations aware of the difference between the sentiment that “black lives matter,” which everyone except ardent racists can get behind, and the organization Black Lives Matter, which promotes Marxism while its leaders live high on the hog and waste donors’ money.

“Woke corporations in their misguided financial support for BLMGNF have failed Black America and the movement but supporting Marxism, and anarchy on the streets and in our communities,” said DaQuawn Bruce, CCA’s executive director. “Our hope is to educate them on how they might support the communities in which they operate while uplifting those who swear to serve and protect.”


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