Homicide [Committed by Men, including husbands] the Leading Cause of Death for Pregnant Women in the U.S.

Homicide [Committed by Men, including husbands] the Leading Cause of Death for Pregnant Women in the U.S.

The “Nuclear Family” doesn’t make people or society any safer.

Being a parent or married does not guarantee safety or happiness…

So my fellow conservatives need to stop pushing those narratives, all because they’re hacked off at anti-marriage, anti-natalism progressive propaganda – which is yes, why they over-state any benefits or marriage, the nuclear family, or parenthood..

(Link): Homicide the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the U.S.


by Chris Melore
October 2022

LONDON — Homicide, especially involving an intimate partner and gun violence, is now a leading cause of death for pregnant women in the United States, a troubling new report finds.

Researchers with the Harvard School of Public Health found that pregnant women are more likely to be murdered than die from pregnancy-related complications, including high blood pressure disorders, hemorrhage, or sepsis.

These tragic deaths often involve an act of intimate partner violence or gun violence, according to the study. Researchers argue that ending male violence and gun crimes could save hundreds of women and their unborn children each year throughout the U.S.

The study notes that intimate partner violence is a problem worldwide, with one in three women reporting an incident of physical, sexual, or psychological abuse by a partner during their lifetime. Women in the U.S. have a higher likelihood of dealing with intimate partner violence than women in other high-income nations, researchers add.

2 in 3 pregnant women homicides involves a gun
Between 2008 and 2019, the Harvard team found that 68 percent of the homicides involving pregnant women in the United States was the result of someone using a firearm. Moreover, Black women were significantly more likely to die from gunfire than White or Hispanic women.

While examining gun ownership rates and state-level firearm laws, the team found that few suspects in intimate partner violence cases ever face conviction. There are also several loopholes which allow many people to access guns, even if it’s questionable whether they should still have that right or not.


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