Southern Baptist Al Mohler Intimates That Childless And Childfree Adults Are Not Human (2019) – and He Thinks This is a Good and Biblical Worldview

Southern Baptist Al Mohler Intimates That Childless And Childfree Adults Are  Not Human (2019) – and He Thinks This is a Good and Biblical Worldview

I am amazed that (Link): Mohler’s tweet / blog post / podcast from August 2019, where he indicates that anyone who doesn’t biologically pro-create is not fully human, did not get far more blow-back and attention than it did. Because it most certainly deserved a lot of push back.

(Please note: this post has been edited a few times since I published it, so that I could add more commentary and more links, and I may (or may not) edit it more in the future.)

At the time Mohler’s comment about this happened (August 2019),  I was too busy at the time to blog about it (or even months later). Hence, my post tackling this issue now, in June of 2020.

Mohler did (rightfully) get a lot of flack under the tweet at the time (I would ask that you (Link): click on the tweet link and read the replies he received), and one or two blogs ripped his attitude apart, but by and large, most did not tackle this.

Here is how Mohler’s tweet read (it is also embedded below):

Americans are basically, by the millions, giving up on the fact that to be human is to be a parent, eventually to take on that responsibility to get married and have children, to take on the responsibility of passing on civilization itself.
— end Mohler Tweet content —

Mohler also had a (Link): web page with either an essay or a podcast about this topic, but as of June 2020, the page does not seem to be working (you might be able to view an archived version of that page (Link): here – or view Mohler’s page on (Link): Google Cache).

At this point in time, I do not care to re-explain, for the billionth time, why the Bible and the God of the Bible does NOT support the “nuclear family,” marriage and natalism (and parenthood) to the insane degree that so many social conservatives and Christians and guys like Al Mohler assume.

I refer you to these older posts of mine which explain that no, the Bible does not endorse “the nuclear family,” marriage or parenting, not in the way conservative Christians presume it does (I have many more blog posts discussing this, I will only be sharing a few of them here – also some related posts here):

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(Link):  “Who is my mother and who are my brothers?” – one of the most excellent Christian rebuttals I have seen against the Christian idolatry of marriage and natalism, and in support of adult singleness and celibacy – from CBE’s site

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Mohler Judging If Someone is Human Or Not Based on Their Childed Status

I’m pretty sure that the Bible says all humans are fully human because God deemed them so, and because all humans are created in the image of God.

The Bible says nothing about one’s value or worth or humanity being defined by marital or parental status.

God does not love childless or childfree people any less than he does people who have children.

And guys like Mohler oft claim to take the Bible literally and seriously – but they do not. They have agendas to promote and will ignore any and all Biblical passages, stories, or examples that undermine their agenda.

Jesus of Nazareth never married and never had children, but would Al Mohler deem Jesus as not being human for that?

Some people choose not to have children, which is fine.

Then there are those who wanted to have children but never met the right partner, so they remain single (and childless).

Then there are those who would like to have children but due to physical issues are incapable of doing so.

Secularists like to determine who they believe is human and who is not. An example (one would think that self professing Christians such as Al Mohler would stay away from this sort of world view):

(Link): Heidi Crowter, Matt Dillahunty, Down syndrome… and the disturbing consequences of getting rid of God


When is a human not really a person? When do they lose their human rights?

For some the answer seems to be: “When they have Down syndrome.”

This is a stark way of putting the issue, but the reality is that babies in the womb with Down syndrome are being aborted with increasing frequency.

In Iceland, where non-invasive prenatal testing for Down’s has been introduced, almost 100 percent of women who discover their baby has the condition opt for an abortion.

The same trend is now occurring in the UK as the availability of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing has led to a sharp increase in terminations.

Recently Heidi Crowter, a young woman with Down syndrome, has also been raising awareness of the fact that UK law allows abortion up till birth of children with Down syndrome.

The standard cut-off for everyone else is 24-weeks.

In a variety of interviews Heidi has made clear that her life is as valuable as anyone else and is calling on health secretary Matt Hancock to change abortion law when it comes to non-fatal disabilities.

Now her campaign is generating it’s own #IStandWithHeidi hashtag on social media.
— end —

Al Mohler finds himself in the same company as those who think it’s morally and legally acceptable to determine who is a “human” and who is not in the context of the abortion debate. Apparently, some people feel that a being with Down’s Syndrome is not a human and may be aborted.

Mohler’s classification is “those who pro-create are human, those who cannot, choose not to, or do not want to, or who have not, are not human.”

If Mohler does not truly feel that way, then he should have more carefully worded his blog post and tweets about these issues.

So how is Mohler any better than pro-choicers, who he would likely disagree with, who believe it is morally and legally fine to abort a fetus that has Down’s Syndrome?

How is Mohler any better than pro-choice feminists who insist that women who are pro-life are not “real” women?

(Link): Identity Politics Excommunicates Its Heretics


by Alexandra Desanctis

For the past four years, I have been articulating my pro-life beliefs here at National Review.

The objections I receive from those who disagree with me take a few recurring forms, and the most common response from pro-abortion feminists is a rather striking claim: that my refusal to support unlimited legal abortion makes me less of a woman.

Male and female abortion supporters alike insist that I’m what they call a “gender traitor,” someone who, in opposing abortion, has betrayed her fellow women.

They argue that I am either an enabler of the patriarchy, which systemically oppresses women, or a member of the patriarchy myself.

In perhaps my favorite line, I once was accused of viewing myself as nothing more than “a walking breeder.”

No matter how ridiculous these claims, they are made quite fervently and routinely in response to my arguments.
— end excerpt —

Whether a human woman agrees or disagrees with the legalization of abortion, she remains a woman.

It is incorrect for either side of that debate, whether pro-life, pro-choice, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Christian or secular, to say a woman with ~whatever~ opinion on the topic is not a “real” woman.

Mohler is doing the same thing, only in regards to childled status: even though I am pro-life and am a biological woman, Mohler would deem me “not a human” merely because I’m almost 50 years old and have never married and never had a baby.

Yet, in the Bible, when God created Eve, he called Eve and her creation “good.” The biblical text does not say or even imply Eve had to “marry” Adam or produce children to be considered human.

The moment Adam laid eyes on Eve, the moment God created Eve and then brought Eve before Adam, after God had Adam sit through a parade of animals like dogs, lions, cats, and hippos, Adam immediately recognized Eve’s humanity.

Adam could tell from just one look at the elephants, horses, and other critters that they were not of his “kind.”

Eve did not have to have sex with Adam, or produce children, for Adam to recognize she shared the same “likeness” as him.

The Bible says from the moment Eve was created, God considered Eve fully human, fully “woman,” and an equal counter-part to Adam.

God did not say that Eve had to marry and then become pregnant and give birth to be “human,” or to be considered in God’s likeness.

So why is Al Mohler applying a standard for human-ness that the Bible does not, but he claims to be a Southern Baptist Christian who believes in the Bible?

Parenthood Does Not Make All Who Become Parents More Godly, Ethical, or Responsible

There is nothing about parenthood that makes a person who is a parent more godly, mature, loving, or responsible than people who do not have children.

(These are assumptions about adults and parenthood that are often put forward by Al Mohler, and by other conservatives and Christians, who think about marriage and parenting in the same terms as he does.)

However, I have a running list of blog posts about people who are parents who have been arrested for killing, abusing, or raping their own children – so obviously, being a parent doesn’t guarantee that a person will be more law-abiding, kinder, or more ethical than someone who does not have children.

You can view that list here:

(Link):  Parenthood Does Not Make People More Loving Mature Godly Ethical Caring or Responsible (One Stop Thread)

The God of the Bible Does Not Teach that Parenthood Is Necessary to “Fix” Society

The Bible, of course, no where prescribes having babies, being parents, or getting married, as necessary to “fix” culture or to make people more mature, loving, or godly.

The Bible doesn’t say that singleness or being childless or childfree is a problem: the Bible repeatedly states from start to finish that humanity’s propensity to sin is the heart of the issue and the solution to that is for people to accept and follow Jesus.

The “cure” the Bible prescribes  for each individual (and perhaps society) is Jesus – it’s not getting married and it’s not having children.

Al Mohler and the other Christians and secular, social conservatives who continue to push this narrative that anyone who cannot, does not, or chooses not to, marry or have children is in error, or is not “human,” have obviously gone way beyond the bounds of what the Bible says about these topics.

Such persons or groups have clearly made marriage and parenthood into idols.

When it gets to the stage such Christians, social conservative individuals, and conservative think-tanks that promote “family values” and “the nuclear family” are very insultingly conflating what it means to be human with one’s parental (or marital) status, they are insultingly de-humanizing actual humans.

And they need to repent of all this, and start by issuing apologies.

The Bible does not teach anywhere that because I, an over- age- 40 woman, never married and never had children that I am not a human or am “less than” human.

Pro-Marriage, Pro-Life

I happen to be pro-life, so I don’t support “abortion on demand.” I’m willing to bet that guys like Al Mohler, who are so insanely consumed with cramming marriage down everyone’s throats, is probably pro-life too.

Mohler would probably disagree with pro-choice liberals who dismiss abortion because the growing baby in the woman is “just a clump of tissue” or “just a clump of cells.”

Writing off a developing baby in utero as “just a clump of tissue cells” (which supposedly makes it okay in the minds of pro-choicers to snuff out the forming life) dehumanizes the growing baby, so I would think Mohler and other marriage- promoting conservatives would know better than to dehumanize people on some other basis, in his case, being a person’s marital or parental status.

(Side note: you will learn in a human anatomy and physiology course that all life forms, including human adults, are “clumps of cells.”

We are all, regardless of age, constructed of atoms that form molecules that in turn form together to produce various tissue cells, which in turn form organs and then organ systems.

A 50 year old adult man or woman is therefore a “clump of cells.”

A 30, 40, or 70 year old you is every bit as much a “clump of cells” as is a three week old embryo, so I wish pro-choicers would stop using this argument that abortion is okay because a three week old in utero is “just a group of cells.”)

It’s Al Mohler and guys like him who are teaching this incredibly condescending, insulting garbage, but they think they are doing a good thing by promoting such views.

Conservative Christians and secular social conservatives are like a lot of liberals these days in some matters; they think the end justifies the means.

So, in other words, if promoting parenthood and marriage, as they enjoy doing, means insulting single adults or degrading the childless and childfree in the process, they are fine doing that.

However, it is disgusting, and again, I am surprised (and baffled) that Mohler did not receive far more fall-out from this than he did.

(this post had been edited to add additional commentary and/or links)

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