Divorcee Learns to Enjoy Life Again After 35 Year Marriage Ends by J. Ivey

Divorcee Learns to Enjoy Life Again After 35 Year Marriage Ends by J. Ivey

I could not find a copy of this online, so I cannot link to it. I have a print copy.

Someone did upload a copy to Scribd, but you have to have a subscription or whatever to read past the first few paragraphs

Girlfriend Power


February / March 2022

It was the first Valentine’s Day after my marriage ended. The last thing I wanted to do was go to a party with a bunch of single ladies

Girlfriend Power by Jennie Ivey

[The author opens the piece by explaining that she and her husband George were divorcing after 35 years of marriage.]

… For the first time in decades, I wasn’t part of a couple. For the first time in my life, I was living alone.

… Why oh why had I said I’d go to my friend Pat’s Valentine’s party? “Celebrate with other singles at a girls’ night in,” the invitation read. “Food! Music! Games! Fun!”

[Initially, she called her friend who was throwing the party to decline. The friend told her the reason for the party started years before, when her husband served her divorce papers on Valentine’s Day, and her father died on Valentine’s Day a few years prior. The friend replied,]

… “instead of moping around because we’re not coupled up, we get together to have a good time.” She wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“And one more thing, Jennie – you have to wear pink or red. It’s a Valentine’s party rule!”

[She mentions that her ex husband George was a surgeon, and while he wasn’t the greatest husband, he did okay on Valentine’s – he’d bring her flowers or candy in heart shaped boxes and so on]

Before I left for Pat’s I said a quick prayer. I hadn’t done a whole lot of praying since the breakup of my marriage. Sometimes I felt mad at God. Furious even.

Did he care that I was suddenly single at 60, an age when most couples were looking forward to retirement and spending time with their kids and grandkids together?

My prayer that evening was short and to the point: God, please show me how to be single.

[She describes several of the other women she met at the party, including one woman whose husband died of colon cancer who her ex husband George had treated]

… I heard other stories. Suzanne’s children had grown up with mine. I’d been incredibly busy in those days.

Maybe too busy. Between taking care of the kids and the house and being involved in the community, I was worn out.

Even on the nights when George was home, we were often too exhausted to talk. Too exhausted to kiss good-night. Too exhausted to make any real effort to connect as husband and wife.

But we put on our game faces in public, doing our best to look like a happily married couple that had it all together.

Suzanne and I had lost touch after the kids were grown. It turned out she was long divorced.

I met Jeannette, whom I’d known only by name until that night. Like me, she was 60. Unlike me, she’d never married. “I used to think it would be nice to have someone to cook for,” she told me, “and to snuggle with in front of a fire on a cold winter’s night.”

It sounded nice to me too, though it had seldom been my reality. After George and I became empty nesters, we usually ended up at opposite ends of the house in the evening, him in front of the computer, me reading or watching TV.

Could it be that our breakup was just the final straw in what had been a deeper, decades-long problem of loneliness in our marriage? In a way, nothing was lonelier than being married but lonely.

[After the dinner at this Valentine’s Day party, the women played games, and the author said as she looked around the room, she could see that the women were having a good time.]

… Mostly, though, it was that we were simply enjoying being together. Maybe I’d expected marriage to fulfill too many of my emotional needs and hadn’t appreciated my relationships with my friends enough.

At the end of the party, I stayed to help Pat with the dishes. “This was wonderful,” I told her. “Thanks for inviting me.”

“We do lots of other fun stuff,” Pat said with a smile. “You are always welcome to join us.”

I had no doubt that God has pushed me out of my lonely door to this party filled with single women. Women who laughed instead of feeling sorry for themselves. Who propped each other up. Women I wanted to be like.

[She says she went on to join this group of friends on other days at other events, and they often socialize together and have a great time.]

… I still have a ways to go to being happily and confidently single. But I’m on the right road.

And with the help of God and my girlfriends, I know I’ll get there.
— end  excerpts —

And there you have it.

As I said before years ago in a post on this blog, if you are a married woman, you are making a huge mistake if you wrap up all your emotional and companionship needs in a husband, because what will you do if he dies early, develops dementia, or has an affair and decides to divorce you?

And some husbands are terrible at providing emotional support; some husbands don’t want you chatting with them, they cannot be bothered to lift their eyes from the NFL football game on TV to really listen to you and connect.

It is vital if you are a married woman that you maintain platonic friendships outside of the marriage.

And befriend single women, not just married ones. Do NOT make all your conversations with friends rotate around the topics of child rearing, pregnancy, or marriage! Discuss current events, books, hobbies, gardening, or movies.

If you wrap all your time and energy up into a husband (and everything marriage related), you may end up very lonely – if that husband won’t meet your emotional needs, or he dies young. You will be left all alone, with no support system.


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