Marriage Rates Are Plummeting. Why Are Reality Dating Series So Popular?

Marriage Rates Are Plummeting. Why Are Reality Dating Series So Popular?

(Link): Marriage Rates Are Plummeting. Why Are Reality Dating Series So Popular?

Why the dating-and-marriage storyline still appeals so much to audiences who are increasingly opting out of the tradition.

by Joanna Weiss

Follow conservative punditry over the past few years, and you might think America is becoming a nation of unrepentant singles.

Last July, Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance warned a conservative think tank about a “civilizational crisis,” marked by declining marriage and birth rates, and promoted by the “childless left.”

 Census data that shows low marriage rates among millennials and Gen Z-ers — only 29 percent of 18-to-34-year-olds were married in 2018, compared to 59 percent in 1978 — begets headlines bemoaning a “marriage crisis” or predicting “the end of marriage in America.”

But if the dream of marriage is dead, you wouldn’t know it from the trailer for the upcoming season of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” The three-minute video, released last week, features a single schoolteacher named Michelle Young, a herd of healthy male suitors vying for her hand and a shimmering word cloud of courtship cliches:
“I’m looking for my soulmate.” “You give me goosebumps.” “When I’m with him, I feel fireworks.” Young declares that “I’m ready to fall in love,” and she wants more than just romance. “Miss Young,” one of her students says, “is looking for a husband.”

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700 Club Host Pat Robertson to Retire From Daily Hosting Duties after 54 Years 

700 Club Host Pat Robertson to Retire From Daily Hosting Duties after 54 Years 

Robertson announced on today’s “700 Club” television program that he is retiring. He will only occasionally be showing up on the show to answer viewer questions or offer commentary now and then, but he won’t be hosting the show as much.

Robertson has been in semi-retirement in the last ten or so years, so this is really nothing new. He’s going to stop hosting the show on a daily basis, and his son Gordon will take over – but this has actually been the format of the show for years now.

I don’t recall exactly when, but sometime in the last 5 – 10  – 15 years, Pat would take a few days off from the show and his son would take over, so this is nothing new; I don’t know why Pat or his show is acting like this is a new development.  

I wish Pat would not be giving any more viewer advice. As I’ve blogged about time and again on my blog (do a search for “Pat Robertson” on this blog, and also see the Robertson-related links at the bottom of this post under “Related Posts”), Robertson more often than not has given some pretty insensitive advice to older single women, jobless adults, and other people.

(Link): ‘700 Club’ host Pat Robertson steps down after 54 years

October 1, 2021

Pat Robertson, who turned a tiny Virginia television station into a global religious broadcasting network, is stepping down after a half-century running the “700 Club” on daily TV, the Christian Broadcasting Network announced on Friday.

(Link): Pat Robertson steps down from ‘700 Club’ after hosting the show for over 50 years

Robertson, 91, said in a statement that he hosted Christian Broadcasting Network’s flagship program for the last time on Friday.

NORFOLK, Va. — Pat Robertson, who turned a tiny Virginia television station into a global religious broadcasting network, is stepping down after a half-century running the “700 Club” on daily TV, the Christian Broadcasting Network announced on Friday.

Robertson, 91, said in a statement that he hosted the network’s flagship program for the last time on Friday, and that his son Gordon Robertson will take over the weekday show starting on Monday.

“I will no longer be the host of the ‘700 Club’ after, I think, 54 years of hosting the program,” Robertson said on the show on Friday, although he vowed to return from time to time, if he’s had a “revelation” he needs to share. “I thank God for everyone that’s been involved. And I want to thank all of you.”

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NetFlix’s “Sexy Beast” Blind Dating Show

NetFlix’s “Sexy Beast” Blind Dating Show

I’d think the only thing worse than going on a blind date is a “sexy beast” blind date, where you have to wear a big, weird mask.


(Link):  Sexy Beast: Everything We Know About Netflix Dating Shows

(Link): ‘Sexy Beasts’ Takes Blind Dates to a Very Weird New Level in 1st Trailer for Netflix Show

By Erin Crabtree

Just when it seemed like reality TV dating series couldn’t get any stranger, Netflix gave the world a glimpse at its new show Sexy Beasts, which features individuals searching for love while wearing prosthetics. 

The first trailer for the series dropped on Wednesday, June 23, and quickly took over the internet due to its odd premise.

“Sexy Beasts is a new dating show where real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test,” Netflix tweeted.

The video opens with a woman dressed up as a panda telling her date, who is made to look like a bull, “I wanna get married, I wanna have babies before I’m, like, 26. Do you have health insurance?”

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Christian MLB Star Ben Zobrist Claims Wife Had an Affair With Their Pastor and Marriage Counselor

Christian MLB Star Ben Zobrist Claims Wife Had an Affair With Their Pastor and Marriage Counselor

Assuming this guy is telling the truth, this one, lone headline manages to summarize about three or four the usual ten or so topics I regularly blog about!

Where do I even start with this one?

Okay. Many Christians – the ones who are obsessed with promoting marriage, parenthood, and The Nuclear Family – often like to claim that marriage (or being a parent) makes a person more godly, mature, loving, responsible, or ethical.
Clearly, this is false, because I have a shit load of news stories on this blog of married people (and parents) who are law breakers, selfish, or perverts.

Let’s see, what other garbage do pro-family values Christians and secular conservatives frequently teach that this story shows to be false that I’ve been covering here for literally years now?

Let’s see, oh yes:
Marriage supposedly makes Christian adults impervious to sexual sin… if Christians just get married, they will have great, regular, hot sex (with their spouse) and never have an affair on their spouse, or molest children, or use porn. All of that is false.

Other falsehoods: single (unmarried) adult women are sexual harlots and temptresses, so married men should stay away from them per the “Billy Graham Rule” (or “Mike Pence Rule”).
Well, the woman in this story is MARRIED. She is not widowed, divorced, or never-married (single), but a married chick who allegedly screwed around on her husband.

The male headship rule – Christian complementarians, and some secular sexist men in our nation – like to assume that men are specially or uniquely qualified to lead women, to lead on the job, to lead in politics.
But yet gain, we see via this news story that men commit sexual sin, some men lack self control and mores, and there is nothing special about maleness that causes men to be more virtuous or better than women.

Complementarians teach that only men “need” or “want” sex, but obviously, unless the married lady in this story was having affairs to meet emotional needs, she clearly enjoys boning men.
Women do enjoy sex, too, not just men, but this flies in the face of the sexist assumptions of many people in American culture both inside and out of the church.

And there’s just something ironic about the fact that allegedly, one of the men she had an affair with was a marriage counselor!
This is like the news story about the (Link): marriage counselor who murdered the woman he was going to marry, because she asked him to sign a pre-nup agreement.

There is nothing about marriage that makes people more worthy, ethical, happier, more godly or whatever else, than people who are single, widowed, or divorced.

(Link): Former MLB Star Ben Zobrist Accuses Pastor of Affair With His Wife and Defrauding Charity

(Link):  Retired MLB Star Accuses Pastor of Extramarital Affair with His Wife and Defrauding His Charity: Lawsuit 

Retired baseball player Ben Zobrist – the 2016 World Series MVP who led the Chicago Cubs to the franchise’s first championship in 108 years – is accusing pastor Byron Yawn of having an extramarital affair with his wife Julianna and of defrauding his charity.

In a lawsuit filed in Tennessee on May 6, Zobrist, 40, claims Yawn “usurped the ministerial-counselor role, violated and betrayed the confidence entrusted to him by [Zobrist], breached his fiduciary duty owed to [Zobrist] and deceitfully used his access as counselor to engage in an inappropriate sexual relationship with [Zobrist]’s wife,” according to NBC News, the Peoria Journal Star, and the Chicago Tribune, which obtained the lawsuit documents.

(Link): Ex-Cubs star Ben Zobrist claims wife Julianna had affair with their pastor, lawsuit says

(Link): Christian MLB Star Ben Zobrist Claims Wife Had an Affair With Their Pastor and Marriage Counselor


By Jeannie Ortega Law
June 22, 2021

A recent court filing on behalf of outspoken Christian and former MLB player Ben Zobrist alleges that his wife, pop singer Julianna Zobrist, had an affair with the couple’s former Tennessee pastor, who also served as their marriage counselor.

Zobrist, who played in the MLB from 2006 to 2019, is now suing the former minister for damages, claiming he defrauded his charitable foundation.

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Batman, Catwoman Oral Sex Scene Blocked From Series: “Heroes Don’t Do That”

Batman, Catwoman Oral Sex Scene Blocked From Series: “Heroes Don’t Do That”

Who the hell wants, or asked for, sex scenes in comics about superheroes?

Now, if your complementarians insist on continuing to teach about sex, they need to acknowledge that some women do and would enjoy receiving oral sex from their male partner – but – complementarians never, ever want to acknowledge women’s sexual (or even often, their non-sexual) preferences.

Complementarians have to keep living in this delusion that only men enjoy sex to justify why they think it’s okay for men to be selfish in the bedroom and not even concern themselves with what women prefer.

(Link): DC stopped Batman from performing oral sex on Catwoman

“Heroes don’t do that,” DC apparently decided. The tweetstorm says otherwise.

(Link): Batman, Catwoman Oral Sex Scene Blocked From Series: “Heroes Don’t Do That”

by James Hibberd
June 15, 2021

Batman can beat criminals to a pulp, take on supervillains and live a double life as a billionaire playboy and caped crusader … but he can’t, apparently, go downtown — not downtown Gotham City, he can, obviously, certainly go there, but he can’t go to, you know … the other downtown.

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Sexual Abusers Vote Democrat and Some Child Abuse Victims Grow Up To Vote Republican: Jeri Massi = Huge Hypocrite

Sexual Abusers Vote Democrat and Some Child Abuse Victims Grow Up To Vote Republican: Jeri Massi = Huge Hypocrite

Sexual abusers, and those that cover up sexual abuse, exist among all political parties, and among all sorts of groups.

But I titled this post what I did because so many left- of- center individuals ignore sexual abuse and sexual abuse cover-ups when they are committed by Democrats, liberals, leftists, and groups they favor (e.g., such as LGBT persons).

I am no longer on Twitter at this time, but when I was, I used to follow a lady named Jeri Massi on there because she sometimes tweeted links to information pertinent to issues within the church (such as sexual abuse cover ups), and it concerns me that so many of those in the Christian faith continue to mishandle child sex abuse cases, or domestic abuse cases.

I was scrolling down Massi’s Twitter page one day to see if she had any new information (this was in January 2021), when I saw this tweet she made:

“Pedophiles Vote Republican Part #2 ” (Tweet Link – screen capture of the tweet below):Massi Tweet screen cap

(She made a few other, similar tweets, where she declares that “pedophiles vote Republican,” such as this one and another one)

Not only do some sexual abusers vote Democrat, some of them ARE Democrats, such as Bill Clinton, former Democrat President, who buddied around with noted child sex ring pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

(Link): New Jeffrey Epstein doc should finally lead to a reckoning with Bill Clinton

Clinton was also credibly accused by (Link): several adult women from the 1990s onwards with rape, but feminists of the 1990s let him off on that, because they wanted him in a second term to “protect abortion.” 

(Link): These are the sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton (Democrat)

Andrew Cuomo, who is a Democrat (not Republican!) governor, has many sexual harassment claims against him.

(Link): Another Cuomo sex harass complaint as aide becomes sixth woman to accuse governor

(Link): Few Democratic governors speak up on Cuomo sexual harassment allegations

Update: the Democrat governor pervert is in the news again, August 3, 2021:

(Link): Gov. Cuomo grilled for 11 hours by AG probers over sex-harass claims

(Link): BOMBSHELL: Dem Darling Andrew ‘Creep’ Cuomo Groped Women, ‘Broke The Law,’ AG Report Finds

An October 2021 update:

(Link): Andrew Cuomo charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor sex crime

(Link): Ex-Gov. Cuomo to be charged over alleged groping of former aide: source

Disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo was charged Thursday with groping a former aide in Albany’s Executive Mansion — a crime that could force him to register as a sex offender if he’s convicted.

A misdemeanor criminal complaint filed in Albany City Court alleges that Cuomo, 63, “did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim…and onto her intimate body part,”

“Specifically, the victims [sic] left breast for the purposes of degrading and satisfying his sexual desire,” it adds.

…It’s unclear when the former governor will be arrested, booked and arraigned but a source briefed on the matter told The Post the arrest would likely take place next week.

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Legendary Singer Carman Dies at 65: Winning ‘Millions to Christ’ was Greatest Achievement

Legendary Singer Carman Dies at 65: Winning ‘Millions to Christ’ was Greatest Achievement

Not only did I learn that conservative commentator (Link): Rush Limbaugh died today, but I saw this headline today – I recall watching this guy’s music specials on TBN back in the day.

I also remember when he hosted some “PTL” show or whatever it was on TBN, and he commented on being single. (This was several years ago, maybe ten or fifteen.)

He said on the show at that time that he was fine with being single. He said being single didn’t bother him until another person (usually a Christian) brought it up and made him feel bad or ashamed about it.

I can relate to that; there are times when I am fine with being single, but some well-meaning Christian will start saying things like “but how is such a great person such as yourself still single.”

Their motive is well-meaning, but it usually has the effect of making you feel like you must have some “flaw” which is evident to other people but not to you, so the comment has the opposite effect it was intended to have (please, stop saying to your single friends, “how are YOU still single, when you’re such a great catch.”)

(Link): Legendary singer Carman dies at 65; winning ‘millions to Christ’ was greatest achievement

Feb 17, 2021
by Jeannie Law

GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame member and Christian trailblazer Carman Dominic Licciardello, better known as Carman, died at a Las Vegas, Nevada, hospital on Tuesday.

A statement released on Feb. 16 revealed that the entertainer died “after fighting a series of complications resulting from surgery to repair a hiatal hernia.” He was 65.

After being in remission from cancer over the past six years, Licciardello’s recent surgery led to internal bleeding.

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So-Called Virginity Tests Are Unreliable, Invasive and Sexist. And Yet They Persist. by H. Ka

So-Called Virginity Tests Are Unreliable, Invasive and Sexist. And Yet They Persist. by H. Kaur

I don’t agree with all content in this editorial or ones like it.

I don’t share the view that virginity is a “social construct,” as is stated in this editorial.

American culture shames people who are NOT sexually active – there is no respect from culture, churches, liberals, conservatives, atheists, Christians or anyone else, for virginity.

(Link): So-Called Virginity Tests Are Unreliable, Invasive and Sexist. And Yet They Persist.

(CNN) The comments, as soon as they made the rounds, were met with swift condemnation: Rapper T.I. says he takes his daughter to the gynecologist after each birthday to determine if she’s a virgin.

Celebrities and the Twittersphere howled in disbelief. Human rights advocates and doctors tut tutted their disapproval. The hosts of the podcast Ladies Like Us, where T.I. made the remarks, distanced themselves. (CNN could not reach T.I. for comment.)

As doctors and scientists will tell you, there is no test or exam that can reliably and accurately determine whether a girl or a woman has had sex — and consequently assess whether she’s a “virgin.”

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The ‘Let’s Have Intercourse’ Song

The ‘Let’s Have Intercourse’ Song

(Link): Let’s Have Intercourse (song on You Tube)

Partial Lyrics:


It’s Not Too Late, And You’re Not Too Old

It’s Not Too Late, And You’re Not Too Old

I saw a Tweet by a lady the other day who said she is in her late 50s, that she would very much like to be in a serious relationship (she’s tired of being single, I think), and she was feeling discouraged because her friends are telling her that she is ‘too old to have a serious relationship at her age.’

No, she isn’t, and no, it’s not.

First of all, may I suggest that if you are constantly surrounded by recurrently negative friends and family, and ones who complain a lot and are fault-finders, who do things like talk negatively about your hopes, dreams, and goals, who tell you that your dreams will never come to pass, that you begin by limiting your time with these people?

Research has shown that it’s better for your mental health and increases your chances of success at whatever your goal is if you more often than not surround yourself with regularly positive people, and ones who support you and your goals.

If you are someone going through a difficult time right now, whatever your situation is, it’s not true that “you are too old” or “it’s too late” for your goal or dream in life.

This is for you.

(Link): Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

(Link): This Bride Found Love and Got Married At Age 93

(Link): 80 Year Old Bride Marries for First Time in Nursing Home

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Is America Ready For A Single President? by J. Weiss

Is America Ready For A Single President? by J. Weiss

This article, or the tweets advertising it, were saying that the public is “fascinated” by “bachelors.”

It’s so sexist. The public has never been “fascinated” by women who remain single. We single, (never-married) women instead get insults and derogatory labels such as “cat lady” or “spinster.”

(Link): Is America Ready For A Single President?


by J. Weiss, Feb 9, 2019

Cory Booker is about to find out just how much U.S. attitudes about politicians and their personal lives have shifted.

A bachelor in the White House? It’s such a compelling scenario that Aaron Sorkin once wrote a movie about it.

“The American President” came out in 1995, years before “The West Wing” and decades before never-married Senator Cory Booker announced own run for president. Michael Douglas stars as a widowed commander in chief who falls for an environmental lobbyist. (They meet cute when he overhears her insulting him in a White House meeting room.)

Their courtship is a lesson in the perils of presidential dating: the media mob, the character attacks, the moment where the president has to choose between his crime bill and his girlfriend’s clean air bill. On the second date, he also seems to tell her some classified security information, though the movie doesn’t make a big deal out of that.

It’s clear that every moment is a minefield, for both the president and the person he’s trying to woo—something Booker seems to grasp as he makes the media rounds in these early days of his campaign.

During his appearance on the syndicated morning radio show “The Breakfast Club” early this month, the conversation turned to his dating life—“Cory Booker got a boo?” exclaimed a host named Charlamagne—and the man known for glib speeches in Senate hearing rooms got cagey, all of a sudden. “Out of all the issues we talked about,” Booker stammered, “this is the most uncomfortable part of this interview.”

Like it or not, it’s going to keep coming up. Continue reading “Is America Ready For A Single President? by J. Weiss”

I’m a Virgin, So Why Am I Being Slut-Shamed? by Ashley Iaconetti

I’m a Virgin, So Why Am I Being Slut-Shamed? by Ashley Iaconetti

(Link): I’m a Virgin, So Why Am I Being Slut-Shamed? by Ashley Iaconetti


“Bachelor” contestant Ashley Iaconetti on why a girl can act sexy without, you know, having sex.

Apparently I can’t be a virgin because I have my belly-button pierced. Or because I live in New Jersey. Or because I kissed Chris Soules “like that” during my appearance on The Bachelor. During my time on the show, social media was flooded with absurd judgements and arguments as to why I couldn’t possibly be a virgin.

It’s been odd and frustrating to see people debate the status of my hymen (!) on Twitter — seriously, people, that’s what you’re using your time tweeting about? And many people don’t just doubt my claim, but flat-out declare I’m a liar.

….I believe a girl can be sexy without having sex.

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